Sawaddee Thailand!

Are you ready to plan your next trip to Thailand? Sawaddee Thailand! is the perfect companion!

This guide will help you discover cultural insights and cultural do's and don'ts, get long lists of regional must-see highlights, and practice essential phrases to help you get around. This 86-page guide will help you make the most of your trip and plan an unforgettable in Thailand. Let's start planning your adventure!

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Cultural Do's & Don'ts

What are the people like in Thailand? How do Thai people greet each other? What are some things you need to avoid doing while there? What is proper etiquette when going to a temple? What should you know when dining with a Thai host?  This guide will help you better understand Thai culture and lifestyle so your trip can flow smoothly and be more enjoyable.

Places to visit

What are the different regions in Thailand and what can you expect to see in each? What destinations do you need to see? Where should you go if you want some adventure? What temples are well known? What are some good restaurants you should try? Get your answers to these questions and more so you can add destinations to your agenda. 

Essential phrases

What are common words you need to know in Thai? How do you order food and communicate dietary restrictions? And what about asking for directions? What can you say to make friends? How do you make small talk with Thai people? You will learn the answers to these questions and more to help you travel with ease in Thailand. Plus video lessons (and a crash course in tones) will teach you how to properly pronounce Thai phrases.

Downloadable PDF 

This is an 82-page guide that you can print or save to your phone for easy access. You also have lifetime access to the guide on this site and can access it at any time. We make it easy with multiple ways to access this information.

Videos to help with pronunciation

Don't know how to pronounce the Thai phrases? I got you! This guide includes 29 videos to help you with pronunciation (plus a dash of culture and lifestyle). And you don't need to have a background in reading Thai.

Links to other resources

Want to know more about the floating market? Just click on the link in the guide. Want more information about the BTS Skytrain? The link is also in there. This guide links out to additional resources so you can have detailed information at your fingertips.

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  • 86-page downloadable, printable guide in PDF format
  • A crash course on Thai culture
  • Overview of Thailand's regions, along with what provinces to go to and what destinations to see
  • Common phrases for getting around, asking questions, dining, shopping, and making friends
  • 29 videos that cover culture and/or walk you through pronunciation
  • Printable food allergy cards
  • List of best apps to download on your trip

Sawaddee Thailand!

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